Welcome to Heser Masonry, Inc!
New home sales up!

According to recent economic reports, the new home sale in the
valley have increased over the last 2 months.  These new homes
need pools, barbecues, landscape, etc.  

Buyers are tired of dealing with bank foreclosures and short sales.  
Some sales never happen.
Masonry products last a lifetime.                
The  different  materials,styles and
colors, make it pleasing to look at and
remarkabley maintenance free for years.
We've been In business for over 30 yrs.    
We  will continue to give professional
service to our customers.
Contact us At  602-944-8984
Brick, Block, Stone and Glass Block

Over 30 years In business, some employees have been with us  for
over 15yrs.  We expect all our  employees to perform their jobs with
knowledge and skill of  the trade. Each employee is capable of
installing each product that we sell.
Anything Masonry

If it is just a barbecue or a new  Commercial building. Heser Masonry
is capable and ready to provide this service. We provide service to
Remodel contractors,  General contractors and home owners.  
Some of the projects that we have
To the right is a brick landscape.
Below is an addition of slump block
and further down is an addition of
standard concrete masonry units.
To the left and below is a brick kitchen
remodel and a See through fireplace with
brick on both sides.  
It is possible to veneer with thin brick veneer
as we did here, and not use up much space.

Contact us for your next project, and we can
show you the many brick available.